C&C Patches and Other Official Downloads


EA Technical Support
These are links to the English version of the patches.
C&C Gold XP Patch
RA(1) 1.08 Patch
TS 2.03 Patch
RA2 1.006 Patch
YR 1.001 Patch
Renegade 1.037 Patch
Generals 1.07 Patch
Generals: Zero Hour 1.02 Patch
Emperor: Battle for Dune 1.09 Patch
How to get Red Alert and C&C Gold/95 to work under Windows XP
Disclaimer: Do NOT install those patches if you are not using the English version of the game. If so contact me and I will point you to the apporpriate patch.

Official RA2 and YR Map Packs

RA2 Map Pack 1
RA2 Map Pack 2
RA2 Map Pack 3
RA2 Map Pack 4
RA2 Map Pack 5
RA2 Map Pack 6
RA2 Map Pack 7
RA2 Map Pack 8
RA2 Map Pack 9
RA2 Map Pack 10
RA2 Map Pack 11
RA2 Map Pack 12
YR Map Pack 5
I don't know where YR Map packs 1-4 are or even if they exist.

Other Official Files

Official RA2 FAQ (frequently asked questions) text file
Manual for World Builder in Adobe PDF format
official link to the Manual for World Builder in Adobe PDF format
I wonder what these are for: