C&C Modding Utilities

Most, but not all, of the programs listed on this page are freeware.

Table of Contents

INI Editors

INI Editor 2It’s a text editor that features a list of items between square brackets ("[""]") on the left side of the window.
XCC INI EditorIts features include Syntax highlighting and "Find and Replace". This program is Open Source.
Will's INI Editor
DCoder's INI CheckerComments, Suggestions, and Technical Support Forum
DCoder's AI EditorComments, Suggestions, and Technical Support Forum
TibEd This is shareware. "Using a text-editor, you can use every single function that's possible. In TibEd, you can only use what the program has a box for. It's no discussion there...any kind of frontend for the rules neuters your modding-abilities."
 -- Renegade

SHP and Palette Editors

OS SHP BuilderComments, Suggestions, Technical Support, Documentation, and Tutorials Forums Highly recommended.
Will's SHP BuilderMany known bugs. Use OS SHP Builder instead.
Will's SHP EditorMany known bugs. Use OS SHP Builder instead.
OS Palette EditorComments, Suggestions, and Technical Support Forum
JASC to C&C Palette ConverterComments, Suggestions, and Technical Support Forum

Voxel and HVA Editors

DMZ's HVA Editor
Will's Voxel Editor
Deluxe Voxel Editor
Voxel Section Editor II v1.7
Voxel Selection Editor II v2.1 SE OpenGLComments, Suggestions, Tutorials, and Technical Support Forums
3DS2VXL The Official 3DS2VXL Download Page. This is "ViPr's programs site". This program allows you to convert 3DS file to VXL (Voxel).

Map Editors

Final SunMap Editor for TS.
FinalSun Framework Addon aka "Marble Madness" "This is an addon for FinalSun that allows you to switch between normal viewing mode and "Marble Madness" mode. It's very helpful for several things such as error detection in terrain height, etc."
YAME Firestorm Edition "Yet Another Map Editor" for TS.
Final Alert 2: YRMap Editor for RA2/YR. The newest version is 1.02.

Miscellaneous Utilities and Editors

RA2StrEditRA2StrEdit Tutorial on YRArg
You can download the latest versions of the various XCC Utilities from http://xccu.sourceforge.net.
Download XCC Utilites version 1.21 This is the version that I personally use, due to the fact that I don't have Generals (because my PC is too old to run it) and the newer versions have more errors when run under Win 98. The programs in this zip are written by Olaf van der Spek, his site is http://xccu.sourceforge.net.
XCC MixerIncluded in XCC Utilities.
XCC Mix EditorIncluded in XCC Utilities.
XCC TMP EditorIncluded in XCC Utilities.
XCC AV PlayerIncluded in XCC Utilities.
XCC Mod Creator/LauncherGuide: Using XCC Mod Creator
Red Alert 2 User PatchThis patch was written to improve the frontend performace of Red Alert 2.
RAD Video Tools A program that allows you to view and manipulate the Bink ( . bik) movies used in RA2/YR, Renegade and Generals.

2D Graphics Editors

PhotoShop Free 30 day trial.
Paint Shop Pro Free 30 day trial.
It's freeware and, without the plugins, it is small enough to fit on a floppy disk. Its features include: Support for most common 2D image formats (including PCX), Batch conversion/rename, Change color depth (including the use of JASC color palettes), Cut/crop, Screen Capturing, and many more.

3D Graphics Programs

3DS Max Free 30 day trial.

3D Modelers

Wings 3D
MilkShape 3DFree 30 day trial.